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About O&J Mangoes, its Quality and Variety
Mango Season starts in June and remains till end August every year. Pakistan has a wide variety of tasty mangoes but, the commonly imported by Dabzee are the Sindhri,Chousa & Fajri they are carefully graded prior shipment as
our mangoes are packed neatly in presentable gift boxes!

Season: June till early July
Size: 4 – 8 pcs/ctn
Sweet with creamy taste.  Very fleshy with strong fragrance. No fibre. Turns yellowish when ripe

Season: June till mid July
Size: 8– 12 pcs/ctn
Round , very sweet, still green when ripe, orange colour flesh with unique taste and tender

Season: July till mid August
Size: 6– 10 pcs/ctn
Extra sweet with a little fibre. Yellowish green when ripe. Great taste and strong flavour

Season: July till mid August
Size: 4 – 8 pcs/ctn
Very sweet with honey taste. Still green when ripe with less fibre

Season: mid August onwards
Size: 4 – 8 pcs/ctn
Another breed of CHOUSA, very sweet, bigger in size, usually in season after CHOUSA season is about to be over. Yellow and a bit SOFT when ripe, with light cream colour flesh and a little fibre. The skin is thicker, takes longer time to ripe and has longer shelf life