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B. O&J Honey

C. Nuts & Seeds

D. Muruku

E. Dried/Dehydrated Fruits


If you are looking for a healthy snack to eat instead of chips and cookies you might try delving into the delicious world of dehydrated fruit. You probably already know that natural and raw foods are much more healthy for you than anything you can get out of a vending machine, but the packaging of chips and candy bars is so much more convenient, isn’t it?

There are many different types of food dehydrators most use electricity to blow warm air around the cut up fruit and vegetables which causes the dehydration. Some simply have trays and use no electronic intervention. When selecting a dehydrator, you want to be sure to get one that will accommodate the amount of food you are going to want to dehydrate at one time because they can take 12 hours depending on the food you are dehydrating and you probably want to do everything in one sitting.

Adding dehydrated fruit to your list of healthy snacks can be a great way to be sure that you always have something healthy and tasty on hand to pack away for yourself as well as for your kids.