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Acacia Honey

  • The main source of nectar is Acacia Modesta blossoms from the forests of Pakistan. Bees like Acacia flora.
  • Acacia honey can remain as a liquid for a long period of time and is less likely to crystallize due to its high concentration of Fructose.
  • Acacia Honey, when used as a sweetener, does not alter the original flavor or Aroma of the beverage.
  • Acacia honey contains phenolic acid, abscisic acid, and free flavonoid, besides the usual Vitamins and Minerals. Enhances the Immune system. Provides instant energy and stimulates the appetite.
  • Best as a sweetener, due to the high concentration of Fructose and low Sucrose, a choice for Diabetics.
  • Good for Healing Wounds and Burns, also can be used as a sedative for Nervous Disorders and Insomnia.
  • Purported health benefits of Acacia Honey include the treatment of Acute Respiratory Diseases, Headaches, Kidney Diseases and Atherosclerosis.

Acacia Honey With Cinnamon

  • Acacia honey, when blended with Cinnamon in a proper formulation, has miraculous health benefits.
  • Besides the normal qualities of Acacia Honey, it has enhanced qualities such as:
    Helps prevent Type 2 Diabetes, IBS Irritable Bowl Syndrome, Cancer, Flu, Cough, Arthritis / Osteoporosis and Yeast Infections.
  • Antibacterial / Anti-Microbial, for Alertness, Memory & Cognitive Developments.
  • Anti Oxidant, Act as a Weight Reducer, lower LDL Cholesterol Triglycerides, protect against Tooth Decay and Depression. Anti viral and Mood Enhancer.
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