About Dabzee Pte Ltd

Incorporated in 1979, DABZEE  PTE LTD ( Now known as DABZEE PTE LTD ) is run by Mr. & Mrs. Bokhari. It is the first company in Singapore to promote and sell Pakistani Mangoes known by the brand name O&J.

Since 1981, they have become famous in selling top of the range and best quality O&J Mangoes and maintain their prestigious name until today.O&J Mangoes are distributed throughout Singapore and around the world to countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Middle East. Due to their strict quality control and quality standards, different articles have been published on their organization and on the fruit itself in Singapore journals.

“The Reason behind Our Success is the Confidence and Continuous Support of Our Clients since 1981. We Guarantee Good Quality Fruits!”

Why the Personal Delivery? Mr Bokhari said, “I want to make sure that everyone gets to taste the mangoes at their peak. The only way to do this is to control the distribution.

He added: “We allow our customers to inspect each mango and if by any chance one is rotten we replace it.”

An Article by Margaret Chan from the Sunday Times 15th July 1984

“The Fruits that they import are brought direct from Orchards abroad and are of the best possible quality”. Because the Bokharis import smaller quantities during each season, they insist that the mangoes are sold at a fixed price instead of at a significant markup as is often the case with some retailers.” Click here to see more

Sweet and succulent mangoes that grow on you – by VIOLET OON (THE SINGAPORE MONITOR TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 1983)

“O J BEST Quality Fresh Mangoes Airflown from Pakistan,” reads the advertisement in the newspaper.” Click here to read more.