Guidelines for Replacement

From the very first day this has been our sincere effort to supply our customers with first grade produce/products and service. By the grace of Almighty we have been able to do so in our capacity and means.

We would like to assure our valued customers that all our fruits are carefully selected and graded packed in presentable cartons. As such the fruits do not go through many hands before reaching you. i.e. direct from the orchard to your table.

May be as a courtesy, you pass the word around so that your relatives, colleagues and friends can enjoy the same quality of fruits as your good selves.

One of the privileges that we provide to our valued customers is to exchange any spoil mangoes with the good ones, as we feel that our customers deserve to enjoy the full quantity they have purchased from us. May be our Co is the only one in Singapore which provide such service. Please Note that this is a privilege and NOT a RIGHT.

We understand that at certain times it was misunderstood / misinterpreted, as such we clearly mention the circumstances under which we will consider replacement:

Any mangoes or other Fruits, which are spoiled 25% or more, can be replaced with the good one, provided you inform us on the day of delivery or the next day.

We will appreciate your co-operation to WhatsApp / email the images of the spoiled mangoes or other Fruits in order to share the feedback with our exporters is Pakistan. We trust this will help us improve further to service you better.

Those mangoes / Fruits, which are not, spoiled 25% or more OR those fruits that the customers just do not like it [for no apparent reason] cannot be replaced.

The replacement can be provided at our premises or alternately can be arranged at a time we are delivering your next order.

We look forward to your kind cooperation and support.