Acacia Honey+Lemon Sachet ( 20 x 12gm)

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20 X 12g Tube (Sachet) pack


20 X 12g Tube (Sachet)  Pack of Acacia with Lemon 

  • Acacia honey, when blended with Lemon in a proper formulation, has miraculous health benefits.
  • Besides the normal qualities of Acacia Honey, it has enhanced qualities such as:
    Helps improve Digestion, cleanses Stomach, relieves Constipation and improves the function of Colon and also cleanse the Urinary Track.
  • Acts as Energy Booster, Mood Enhancer and protection against Heart Attack.
  • Improves Oral Health, Glowing Skin, Sore Throat, Flu, Fever, Haircare, Respiratory Diseases, Cholera, Throat Infection and help in Weight Loss.               We are the best seller of original honey in Singapore.



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